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1. Exercising rights 

The Republic of Slovenia offers medical services to visiting foreignnationals with insurance cover on the basis of European legislation inhealthcare and health insurance and bilateral agreements on socialsecurity. These agreements determine precisely those persons to whomthey apply, as well as the extent of entitlement to permanent residencein the territory of another signatory state. 

In accordance with the agreements in force, insured foreign nationalsvisiting or residing in the Republic of Slovenia are entitled not only toemergency and urgent treatment, but also to scheduled medicalprocedures. 

2. Rights to urgent medical services that cannot be delayed 

Insured foreign nationals from convention signatory states have, on thebasis of the document cited in the table below, the right to the followingmedical services:

  • Emergency medical services 

  • Services for urgent medical treatment.

Only emergency or urgent medical services qualify for treatment free ofcharge; other services must be paid for as required on a predeterminedpercentage share basis in a manner similar to insured Slovenenationals.

CountryThe document for theidentification of a foreigninsured person
EU i EEA members and SwitzerlandEU-KZZ/HIC (European healthinsurance card); certificatereplacing the EU-KZZ/HIC, formE111
MacedoniaBilingual form RM/SI 3
Bosnia and HerzegovinaBilingual form BH/SI 3

Table 1: Documents to claim urgent services that cannot be delayed

Insurance policy holders from other countries must themselves bear allcosts in respect of medical services.

3. Wider ranging rights and the Right to scheduled medical services

In order to exercise rights to a wider range of medical services over andabove emergency help urgent treatment, the insurance holder need theform „Potrdilo o pravici do zdravstvenih storitev za tujegazavarovanca in njegoe družinske člane“ („Certificate of teh right tomedical services for insured foreign nationals and their familymembers“) issued by the competent regional unit of the HealthInsurance Institute of Slovenia (HIIS/ZZZS in Slovene), uponpresentation by the insured foreign national, of appropriate proof ofinsurance, as stated in Table 2. 

The same procedure applies to the provision of scheduled medicalservices; these are also to be claimed by presenting the appropriatedocuments, as stated in Table 2, and the Slovenian service providers arebound to ensure services, in a manner and in accordance with theprocedures applying to domestic insurance policy holders, taking intoaccount the waiting times for individual branches of medicine. 

The insurance policy holder is to present the original form upon beingadmitted for medical treatment.

CountryThe document for theidentification of a foreigninsured person
EU i EEA members and SwitzerlandForm E112
MacedoniaBilingual form RM/SI 4
Bosnia and HerzegovinaBilingual form BH/SI 4

Table 2: Documents required for obtaining scheduled medical services

Insurance holders from other countries must themselves cover all costsfor medical services provided.

4. Obtaining medical services without insurance documents 

If you do not present an appropriate insurance document at yourmedical examination or al the end of your hospital treatment, you willincur all costs for medical treatment, regardless of the legislation oragreements in force. 

5. Commercial travel insurance 

Persons taking out policies with one of the commercial insuranceproviders for the duration of their stay abroad (e.g. Elvia, AssistanceCoris, EuroCross, etc.) may claim medical services to the extentprovided for by the policy and accordance with the general conditions ofthe chosen insurance company.

In this instance, you should prove your identity with a valid insurancepolicy issued by your insurance company witch serves as the guarantorfor reimbursement of costs. If during your hospitalisation we do notobtain this guarantee for the payment of costs from your insurancecompany, then you will be obliged to settle all costs incurred in Sloveniayourself and thereafter claim reimbursement of costs directly from theinsurance company. 

6. Persons from non-signatory states 

Persons originating from countries not mentioned in Tables 1 and 2 shallthemselves bear liability for payment in respect of all medical services.Costs may be settled in cash at any hospital pay desk. 

Payment can also be made using the following credit or debit cards: 

  • Eurocard, 

  • Visa, 

  • Diners, 

  • Maestro. 

Card payment of costs can be made during normal working hours at the reception desk.

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